How to know Mobile Number Portability (MNP) Status

Mobile Number Portability helps in keeping you same number in spite of you change your place or operator. You can keep same number across all states in India and you can switch to any operator depending on your convenience but how to check status of port request made by you to the new operator? 
Considering the vast geographical area and large number of mobile phone users in India, department of Telecom has divided the number of states into two zones, zone 1 and zone 2. Zone 1 covers Northern and Western states of the country and Zone 2 cover the south and eastern states.

The license to provide portability technology in Zone 1 is given to Syniverse and in Zone 2 to Interconnection Telecom solutions.

The status of Zone 2 porting requests can be known through the website of Interconnection Telecom solutions.

Zone 2 includes the state of Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Karnataka, Kerala, Kolkatta, Madhya Pradesh, North East, Orissa, Tamil Nadu including Chennai, Telangana and West Bengal.

To check mobile number portability status visit MNP Status

Provide necessary details

Provide your mobile number, 8 digit unique id given by your service provider and captcha code, you will get the status of your mobile number portability.

you can get the status of your SIM card's port request

How to port:
1. To get unique porting ID send message as ‘PORT <mobile number> to 1900.

2. You will receive Unique porting ID with expiry date on your mobile as SMS. Your present operator may immediately call you to retain you on their network by providing some exclusive offers only for you.

3. Visit the new operator you wish to port to anytime within that expiry date along with ID proof, Address proof and a passport size photograph. Fill in the Customer Acquisition Form (CAF) and Porting form (Some operators have single form for both CAF and porting)

4. As a porting charge, operators charge a maximum of Rs. 19.

5. You will receive new SIM card from the new operator and you will receive the time and date when your new SIM will be activated on your present SIM card only. Based on that change your old SIM card. Porting may take 7 working days usually and for the mobile users of Jammu and Kashmir, Assam and North East it will take 15 working days.

FAQs of MNP:
Q1. Can prepaid customers switch to postpaid and vice versa?
A: Yes, as long as all the conditions are met, that you have paid your postpaid bill till recently and no dues. Similarly, no dues should be pending in your present prepaid SIM card.

Q2. Can porting request be cancelled?
A: Yes, it can be cancelled within 24 hours of request made to the new operator.

Q3. Can CDMA be ported to GSM and vice versa?
A: Yes it can be done provided your handset support GSM and CDMA. As all CDMA phones are not GSM compatible and vice versa.

Q4. What about talk time, data balance and other services if I port?
A: Make sure that there is no talk time and data balance before you port as those cannot be carried forward to new network and you need to subscribe to all services as a fresh according to your new operator.

Q5. What to do with my old SIM once it is ported to new SIM card?
A: You need not return that SIM card to old operator. You can take back up of contacts and SMS in SIM card and you can destroy it.

Q6. How will I know when I need to change SIM card to new one?
A: You will get a SMS from new operator on your present working SIM card (or old SIM card) when you need to change your SIM and you will get a service disruption of 4 hours. Usually this will be done during night.

Q7. I am changing the State and can I retain the same number?
A: You can retain the same number through National Mobile Portability as long as you are in any state of India.



  2. "NO RECORD FOUND" msg Display after entering all details..

    1. May be the network to which you have submitted the details, might have not forwarded application for porting. If your UPC is old than 15 days and still your porting is not done. Then contact the shop or store where you submitted request.

    2. Facing same problem mentioned by abhinav ji.4days gone after submission details


    1. In the same way mentioned above by using mobile number and UPC code.

  4. No record fount on 7th day of request.

    1. May be your operator has not gave clearance for porting. Also, please see that the website will work only if you belong to South or Eastern India. Did you submit form to new operator to which you want to move? It will be counted from the day you have submitted form to new operator.

  5. Displays message 'No Record Found' when I fill up the form & submit.
    Is there any technical glitch?

    1. May be your operator has not gave clearance for porting. Also, please see that the website will work only if you belong to South or Eastern India. Did you submit form to new operator to which you want to move?

  6. Wrong status

  7. can i use my sister name/id (for ekyc) to port my "Telenor" number to "Jio" which is registered on my name/id.. as my ekyc is not successful and showing error...?

    1. Yes you can, as of now they have not taken your previous eKYC in Telenor. So you can request in the franchisee office to take eKYC of your sister for porting. As JIO just requires the porting id and AADHAR (yours or of your sister or of anyone), you can do the porting.

    2. thanks sir ji

  8. How to check porting status for zone 1 area?