Vibhooti (Vibhuti) falls

Vibhooti falls is one of the many hidden waterfalls of Karwar (previously called North Canara) district and Western Ghats. Many are ignorant of this waterfall. Usually visitors to Yaana from Sirsi side will go to this waterfall. Identifying the location of this falls is quite difficult as there are no large boards giving directions.

water falling in three stages

This waterfall cannot be visited or it will not be on the way if you are taking Kumta – Yana direct route via Divgi Bridge. Vibhooti falls can be easily visited from Yaana as it is at a distance of around ten kilometers from there. Look for a house (quite larger one with coconut and areca nut trees) on the left side of road while taking right turn in the road connecting Yaana and Gokarna. There are not many houses so one can identify the house easily while descending the Vaddi Ghats. Look for house on the right side of the road if you are taking left turn on the way to Yaana from Gokarna.

just near the waterfall

water force is less, one can play

One has to trek for around two kilometers to reach the waterfalls from the Chennagaru village as four wheelers can’t go through in the narrow path. I have seen few bikes coming down while trekking, don’t know where they will park once they take narrow path or maybe they will take till half the way.

narrow path

Usually there won’t be any one to guide and need to take villagers or other passing by vehicles help to reach this water fall so be careful while moving around six kilometers from Yaana.

closed look of waterfalls

Trekking path is quite narrow and bit difficult as the trek route is full of ups and downs. The sound of water falling is audible while nearing the falls. Many from Sirsi and surrounding places visit this place as a picnic spot. There are no shops nearby to purchase anything so carry food or anything you may require.

need to cross these routes to witness close look

no other way to go if you won't bend or jump this

Yaana and near by places on map

Legend says that the Vibhooti falls is formed by the washing away of ashes from burning of Bhasmasura at Yaana. Vibhooti falls looks beautiful as it falls in two or three steps and makes it favorite spot for playing in water.


  1. Beautiful falls. Next time I go to Gokarna I will go there

  2. Is it any fun to visit during december ?

  3. Yes, it is fun during december, we went there during x-mas u need to walk around 1.4 km