Kuntala Waterfall and Cave temple

Kuntala waterfall is one of the beautiful waterfalls of India. It is in Adilabad district of Andhra Pradesh and need to take diversion on the Hyderabad – Adilabad route near Neredigonda. Waterfall is around 40 kms from the city of Nirmal. Kuntala waterfall is also popular picnic spot during monsoons as many from Hyderabad and Maharashtra visit to this place. Even cave temple having Shivainga is also popularly called as Someshwara and worshipped by the surrounding villagers. Also, fair will be arranged during Mahashivaratri.

kuntala waterfall - imagine how it will be in monsoon

The rocks with sharp edges under water can proved to be fatal as many deaths happened over the last few years. Be careful while getting into water and it is safe not to get in water during monsoon. But there will be no water during other months so one can carefully explore and enjoy the beauty of climbing up and down the rocks equally enjoying pleasant atmosphere with water flowing without any pressure.

pressure less flow allowing to explore around

Apart from being good place to enjoy waterfalls, surrounding greenery also makes one happy and makes to spend some more time at this place. Luckily this place is not much commercial as much as others. An added advantage is there is nothing much to walk and just in ten or fifteen minutes one can reach near the waterfalls.

Cave temple is having Shivalinga and it is difficult to get in to it as it requires balanced climbing on a slope rock. I doubt anyone visiting this temple during monsoon. But in other seasons one can try taking little risk, it is not totally difficult. It is believed that at this cave temple Kanva Maharshi did penance and also the place got the name because of Shankunthala beloved of Dushyantha as she used to take bath in this picture square waterfall.

cave temple

Shivainga with Nandi inside cave

There are no buses directly going to Kuntala so it is better to go by own vehicle or hire a vehicle from Nirmal which 40 kms from this waterfall.


  1. Beautiful falls. You have captured them well.


  2. Good collection of pics and it is the nice place to visit in the monsoons, Thanks for sharing the information it helps a lot to users who are interested in outing to go


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