Visit to Mirjan Fort, Kumta, Karnataka

Mirjan fort has become quite famous place after the renovation works done by the Central Archeological Department. The old fort which was almost near to extinct by the negligence of local and government has been abandoned for many years. But recent interest by the Archeological department has resulted in keeping of last remains of the fort.

To imagine the present state of this fort, only the outer boundary walls are present in this fort and other inner walls are destroyed for the search of some valuable goods or got affected by natural factors like heavy rain fall. I got to hear many things about this fort in childhood that there has been enormous wealth in this fort and being stolen by many and ran away from this place. Seven big wells present inside in this fort are worth seeing because it has stair case kind of steps so that one can reach till the bottom of well. After the renovation the steps to bottom of wells is being locked and can’t go till down.

Entrance of Mirjan fort

One can see the remains if you enter inside the fort, only evidences of some buildings (foundations or marking made on land) are found. Machicoulis – balcony like projections are found by which stones and boiling water was dropped in order to attack on enemies. Also the fort is surrounded by Moats to avoid direct enemy attack!

Tri -color flag will be hoisted on Independence and Republic days 

inside fort no walls, only remains of marking on land

View Point (small window like structure) at the top to see the entrance of fort

According to the display boards found at this place, this fort was one of the major godown or ware house during the time of Portuguese, Dutch, French and even British till the stored goods were sent to port.

the place where the meetings were conducted during the Raj

Large amounts of spices and sandal wood were stored here and they were sent to the nearby ports (most probably of Goa or Mangalore as they are on the same coast). This fort was ruled by Samanthas of Vijayanagar dynasty and also ruled by Rani Chennabhaira Devi of Gerusoppa (popularly called as Pepper Queen by British) In the later part of 1600, this fort was under the ruling of Maratas, Adil Shahis and Tippu Sultan before it was occupied by British.

Mirjan fort is 13 kms from Kumta in Karwar district of Karnataka. Once has to go two kilometers to reach this fort after reaching Mirjan. Government has appointed full time employees to take care of this fort at least the remains.


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