Rebel Movie Review

Rebel is one more Don kind movie from the same director Raghava Lawrence, only with slight modification in story. Don movie starring Nagarjuna was having the story of killing the villain losing his close associates except heroine. The same sage continues with Rebel movie too. Apart from direction, Choreography, screen play and music direction are also done by Raghava Lawrence.

Even though movie tends to have few humorous situations, we can clearly make out the dry dialogues lacking actual humor and the difficulty with which Hero and Comedian trying to keep the scene lively. Story and song are not different from any other Tollywood movie.

Story is not so impressive but visuals are good, new stunts really make you stun for minutes. Rebel Movie is a perfect watch for Prabhat’s fans. The story has many illogical things difficult to visualize and makes no sense. Movies are made to entertain but it should  retain minimum reality.

First part of story is all about hero searching for the villain and the second part is of killing the villain by narrating his flashback.

Tamanna has acted boldly in this movie, compared to her earlier movies. Duet of Brahmanandam and Kovai Sarla is seen much often till the interval. Even the simple thing like cut wound spots changing their position is seen in every scene.

I felt the movie resembles Don in many aspects. One time see for those who have not seen movie Don.


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