MGR samadhi and Anna Durai samadhi near Marina beach, Chennai

M G Ramachandran (MGR) was the popular South Indian actor who later became the chief minister of Tamil Nadu. Similarly in Andhra Pradesh N T Ramarao (NTR) had ruled the state as Chief Minister. Both southern states Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh has film actors as chief ministers.

Anna Durai was one more popular political leader of Tamilnadu who was popularly known as Anna. He is having the fame of forming the first non-congress government in Tamilnadu and also the founder of Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK). Anna was a visionary leader whose name is still remembered in Tamil Nadu keeping his name to many institutions and places such as Anna University, Anna Square etc., It was during Anna’s government many significant political decisions were taken even renaming Madras state to Tamil Nadu.

MGR Samadhi park

In memory of these two leaders, memorial park has been built near by Marina beach. Separate entrance is given for both the samadhis but both can be visited entering one gate. Parks having samadhi of Anna and MGR is being visited by many as almost equal to that of people visiting the Marina beach to pay their respect for these leaders. Arrangement has been made that lamp will be glowing in front of these two samadhis all the time.

structure having samadhi of MGR

MGR Samadhi

Anna Durai samadhi

people trying to listen sound coming from MGR samadhi, some kind of metal sound or clock tick is audible


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