Akka Mahadevi's birth place, Uduthadi near Shiralakoppa

Akka Mahadevi is one of the popular saints of 12th century. Akka Mahadevi’s birth place is Uduthadi, situated near Shiralakoppa of Shimoga District. The place is also called as Udugani in local use.

In memory of her birth place, Government along with donors constructed the ranga mandira (left). Statue of Akka Mahadevi inside Ranga Mandira, which has the vachanas of Akka Mahadevi on the inside walls (right).

Park is maintained by Kadali trust which has Akka Mahadevi’s statue recently installed along with few house hold industries inauguration was done by the then Chief Minister of Karnataka.

                                                               Stone carving of Akka Mahadevi near Kuteera.
A small park for children amusement is under construction with the generous funding from the Non–Resident Indians (NRIs) living in Chicago, USA.


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