Maintaining Relation-Ships

I don’t know much about the accidental or incidental comparison of relationship with ship. But both have similarity if no proper care is not taken both will sink. Observing my friends and their relationships being committed as natural with age, I could understand and analyze a little about relationships. With the time few relationships could survive and few vanished with major damage mentally and physically. The relationships started to spend time together and enjoy ended up hating each other with a resolve not to meet or contact for eternity.

Two chats happened between a guy and a girl at the beginning of their relationship and after the years sailing in relationship just to understand how the things turn up.

At the beginning:
Guy: How was your day?
Girl: It was good. Went out with friends. Had Dosa at Vidhyarthi Bhavan. How about you?
Guy: It was cool. Wish I could join you for Dosa
Girl: Sure. Next Time. What else?
Guy: Am going to sleep. Talk to you tomorrow. Bye
Girl: Sure. Bye. Tc

After few year(s) or so:
Guy: How was your day?
Girl: As usual routine. Nothing much.
Guy: It seems you had been to lunch outside. I saw your FB update (tagged by someone) Who are they?     You never mentioned about them to me. I thought you will tell.
Girl: Yeah! It was planned all of a sudden.
Guy: Guess you are not interested to talk to me like earlier.
Girl: Nothing as such.
Guy: Then?
Girl: Nothing much. Am tired, talk to you tomorrow. Bye
Guy: I want answer for my question. You are ignoring me.
After ten minutes
Guy: Guess you don’t want to speak…
Guy: …

The relationship turned into fights and later with a break up. The above communication can happen exactly reverse between a Guy and a Girl.

If we observe closely there is no mistake of Guy and Girl. In the beginning of relationship both used to spend hours talking and sharing about nothing. But later when nothing is actually there to talk except the routine and if the other person is not in a position to explain the situation he or she is in. The irritation or the feeling of negligence or avoidance peeps in. A wonderful relationship kept for year(s) turns sore and seems unwanted.

What can be done to avoid sinking of relationships?
  • Better to discuss and know where the relationship is heading towards
  • Not to point out earlier fights or bad memories
  • Try to understand and respect others space and situation. Tomorrow you can be in such situation too
  • Understanding that each individual requires a private space even if they are in relationship

It takes years to grow and maintain relationship like building a ship but to sink it takes just minutes.


  1. Be open to whatever they do :)

  2. Some reasons make relationships precious, but only precious relationship are made with no reasons.!!!