Three years of Blogging: 249 posts and 2,00,000 Visitors

Days are just passing, only to be realized by approaching the milestones. This time it is one of such mile stones making this blog a year older than before. I couldn't update the blog frequently in the last year but could post only a few travelogues. 

Visitors to the blog have increased three folds compared to the last year. Last year visitors count was 51,000 (that was at the end of second year). Now it has crossed 200,000 visitors. It was possible only because of you. I am happy that I have written something useful so that you are visiting my site.

Writing has just become a dream for me as I can’t write as much as I want to write with day to day activities taking much of the time. I wish I could write on a regular basis here after!

Thank you very much or your visit and I look forward for your valuable suggestions.


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    1. Thanks Thangavel for your comment and the encouragement over the years...