Dudhsagar Waterfalls and Trekking

Trekking to Dudhsagar waterfalls during monsoon was on my list of trekking from quite a long time and could realize it in the last week. Searching a lot on internet made plan and started from Hyderabad through direct train planning to get down at Castle Rock railway station. In the joueny while enquiring about trekking to Dudhsagar an employee of Indian railways suggested train stops at Dudhsagar station also why don’t you get down there?

on the way to visit water fall from Dudh Sagar station

I read a lot on trekking fourteen kilometers from blogs but I felt it may be monotous walk on railway track. Keeping that in mind I got down at Caranzol railway station where train stops for a minute or two. Caranzol is seven kilometers from Dudhsagar station after the Castle Rock station. We started our trek at 31/900 and completed at 38/900 from Caranzol to Dudhsagar.

Railway milestone at Caranzol

Railway milestone at Dudhsagar

Started trekking on railway track, crossed tunnels bearing numbers 5,6,7,8,9,10 and 11. But one can enjoy the beauty of nature. Don’t worry if the train comes when you are on track or tunnel. Just make way for it and also you can stand adjacent to wall, don’t be panic. Space is enough to stand while the train is passing. It took almost two and half hours to reach Dudhsagar railway station.

train engine passing while trekking
tunnel made at the bottom of huge rock

entering small tunnel

small water fall refreshing to see

in middle of trekking

view while trekking on railway track

seen from railway track at Dudhsagar

From Dudhsagar railway station the water falls is around 400 meters and one has to pass small tunnel (No.12) Finally, I could see the magnificent waterfalls with water flowing like milk.

close view of Dudhsagar water falls

With some courage I went till bottom of waterfalls from not so smooth and steep route from the route in between tunnel 12 and 13. While going down it was easy and while climbing up it was difficult as the route is steep. I could see the beauty of waterfalls with bridge in front of it. This is not the view one can see in usual blogs in which the train is passing in front of waterfalls. Water force is high during monsoon and don’t take chance to go to bottom of falls in this route as it is quite dangerous with slippery rocks.

in between tunnel no. 12 and 13

Dudhsagar view from bottom (this is not the popular view seen on websites and blogs)

first glimpse of waterfall after crossing tunnel 12 and 13 before the full view

Popular full view of Dudhsagar waterfall, to get this move a half kilometer or so from Dudhsagar waterfall towards Kulem crossing tunnels 12 & 13

Nothing is available to eat around waterfalls except a man selling low quality biscuits and snacks at an higher price. It was quite late and we were planning to go to Kulem as there is no electricity or place to stay at Dudh Sagar station. 

Dilip cafe and Boarding at Castle Rock

We couldn't get any trains towards Kulem but many suggested to take train towards Castle Rock station as trains are not there towards Kulem and one has to request railway engine drivers or guard man of goods train to drop till Kulem station. 

a small place to sit at Dudu Sagar station

visitors on goods train requesting guards

We reached Castle Rock and came to know that nothing is there to stay except PWD guest house which may or may not give accommodation to visitors. Just on the other side of Castle Rock station small market is there and food is available. We could eat excellent vegetarian food at Dilip Cafe and boarding. It will be open till 10:00 PM. We stayed at Castle Rock station waiting hall for that night. It is quite clean but toilets are not so clean and often railway engines stop near the waiting hall making huge sound.

Trekking routes to Dudhsagar waterfalls:

Route 1: from castle rock via Caranzol

Castle rock railway station to Dudhsagar railway station is fourteen kilometer and in between caranzol station is present. At caranzol station the extra engines attached at the back side of train to push the train uphill from kulem will be detached. One can walk fourteen kilometers from castle rock or seven kilometers from Caranzol. Both routes have beautiful scenery on right side.

I suggest you to walk from Caranzol, in case you want to trek. Walking on railway track is not so easy as it is thought of during monsoon.

Route 2: from Kulem to Dudhsagar

Kulem to Dudh Sagar is almost ten kilometers and in between Sonalium station is there. At Kulem the extra engines are attached to push the train uphill till caranzol.

If you are taking this route, you can view the magnificent view of waterfalls with railway track in front of it. In case you are in time, you can view the train passing in front of waterfalls. This route is also equally scenic and one can enjoy.

Route 3:

This route is from Kulem and closed during Monsoon and can be reached to bottom of waterfalls through Jeep or pillion ride on pilot (pilot means a bike rider dropping you to your destination charging money. It is common in Goa.) Many will take this route in summer to reach a small villa and Dudhsagar baba temple. But cannot cross the water stream during monsoon so this route will be closed.

Must carry things:

1) Water proof bag or at least cover to keep your belongings safely from rain in-case you wish to drench in rain.

2) Rain coat.

3) Good quality Torch as lights are not there in Tunnels and it is must.

4) Sleeping bags in case you are not able to board train and need to stay at Dudh Sagar station.
Snacks or food to eat.

5) Most importantly the train ticket as Dudhsagar railway station doesn't issue any tickets. Take ticket beforehand either from Kulem or Castle Rock or Hubli station. At Hubli station trains usually stops for few minute so try to take tickets there. Don’t board trains without ticket as ticket checking inspector will be roaming here and there to catch hold and extort money as much as possible. Try to get into general compartment with ticket.

My Suggestion to trek this waterfall:

Get down at Dudhsagar station as all trains stop for a minute or two while going towards Kulem (or Goa) Visit Waterfalls, enjoy the view and if flow is less visit till bottom of falls with care. Start trekking towards Kulem, it is magnificent and one can witness the popular view of Dudhsagar with railway track in front of it. Stay at Kulem as forest guest house and local guest house are available and even you can sleep at waiting hall. There won’t be problem for food compared to Dudhsagar and Castle Rock as there is one chinese restaurant and an other udupi hotel. Visit Tambdi Surla and Bondla National park both are nearby. Take trains next day early morning from Kulem by Amaravathi express or any other.

If you are not interested in railway track trek, reach early to Dudhsagar, enjoy till evening and get back by evening either to Londa junction or Hubli.


  1. Very interesting post.... with awesome picture..

    I have seen dudhsagar water fall when i was going to panjim by Goa Express...


    सफ़र हैं सुहाना....

  2. I am not sure if I am courageous enough to go through all that to visit Dudhsagar but The falls looks magnificent!!

    1. Hi Jaseema Farzana,

      thanks for your comment. Taking little risks may be useful only at times...


  3. I have read so much about the Dudhsagar Falls before but still was tempted to read your entry. PLus, so many amazing photos! Great! Hopefully someday soon I shall take the trek!
    Grt post! :)

  4. Hi Antarik,

    thank you for your cheering comment.


  5. Excellent write up and information. Would love to do this trek.


  6. Super post and the photos are just brilliant.

  7. Hi...I am from Delhi. I am planning to visit Dudhsagar Falls on 15 Aug. Please advise if this would be a good time to visit the falls. Would it be raining there during this time? I would love to visit during the rains. Unfortunately couldn't make in the month of July due to work commitments. Please help!


    1. Hi Aditya, thanks for your comment. Rains will be there in Dudh sagar till August end... You can visit there... It will be nice...

  8. n s phani tej8/01/2013 1:47 pm

    we are planning to go on this wekend on august 3-4. feeling excited to catch a glimpse of these magnificent falls in the monsoons..

  9. Super post.
    We're planning for the falls, tambdi surla national park on Aug 15-18 long weekend :)
    How big was your group? We're only 4 as of now...

    1. Our team was of four and few we met in train journey also accompanied us... Many are planning for that weekend...Huge crowd can be expected

  10. Hi I am Ayushi from delhi..
    We are planning for it in early October..
    So is it good to go there that time....
    Also is it safe... for girls group to go there...

    1. Hi Arushi, ya you can go that time but the water flow will and crowd will be less... If you are gang of girls then you can get down at dudhsagar station itself and get back from that station itself. Regarding safety I don't know much as I didn't hear any reported unexpected events from that place...

  11. Nice post. we are leaving for doodhsagar falls tomoro :)

  12. I wish i can visit some time...i totally love tunnels...

  13. really cool posts
    i really hope i can visit the beutifue falls sometime

  14. Good one buddy, me going tomorrow..:D

  15. Hi...we r planning to visit dudhsagar at the end of december is it right time for us?

    1. Hi Amar, by that rains will be reduced so you wont get the beautiful water flow in waterfall as you see now. Till October middle you can visit, it will be good.

  16. Can u pls tel us train timing frm hubli to dudhsagar.? n in evening frm dudhsagar to hubli? we r planning to go tis sunday frm hubli so pls help us??

    1. You can go by the night train which leaves Hubli on Saturday night and reaches Dudh sagar early morning. Bit careful as it will be dark and you may miss the station. While coming back there is a train in evening by 4.30 from there you can come back by that but take tickets also before hand as tickets are not issued at dudhsagar.

  17. Hi, this is Prem from Kerala. Thanks for this blog, it was really tempting and finally I decided to go for it.

    I'm planning to trek to Dudhsagar this month end, 27th Sep. Do you think it is safe to go alone, 26th being a week day? I'm planning to ride from Madgaon. Please advice where to park my bike for a night camp at dudhsagar.

    Eagerly waiting for your response.

    1. Hi Prem,

      thanks for the comment. In fact you cant take bike till water falls as it has railway bridges and few narrow tracks, so if you are taking bike you can keep at Kolem (Collam) station and go by jeep ride if water stream is less or you can go by bike ride as pillion rider called as pilot in goa. Better you don't take your own bike as riding is difficult by mud roads unless you are experienced in that. Going alone? Till now no incidents are reported but better dont take chance. Hope you will have safe journey.

  18. Hello,

    Thank you so much for this detailed post. Just what I was looking for. I am going to be in North Goa from Nov 18-Nov 27. I would love to visit the falls by taking the train/hiking. Still worth it in late Nov? I am going to be staying in Anjuna Beach. From there, I see it's about an hour ride to Vasco da Gama Railway Station.

    From Vasco, the 18048 leaves at 7:10 AM and arrives at Castle Rock at 9:20 AM. I plan on walking the tracks to the falls from there, but the next train "back" to Vasco gets to Castle Rock at 3:10 in the morning. The train back I am referring to is the Goa Express (12780) from CLR to VSG, arriving Castle Rock at 3:10 AM and arriving VSG 6:30 AM.

    Is there an easier way (by train) to go from Anjuna to Dudhsagar and back in a day? Or perhaps I could just nap at the Castle Rock or Kulem station until the train comes.

    Thanks a lot! KTW

    1. Hello Kevin,

      I can suggest you a day visit to dudh sagar instead of staying at kulem or castle rock. Since you will be starting from vasco-da-gama side, get down at dudh sagar stop itself as train stops there for few minutes even though there is no official stop at dudh sagar. You can have a visit to dudh sagar falls and then you can take any goods train or engine moving towards kulem requesting the staff on board. You can take bus from kulem to anjuna via ponda and panjim. Water flow will be there at dudh sagar falls but not as much as in monsoons.

      Another alternative is you can hire a bike (with you as a pillion rider) from Kulem to dudh sagar falls and back.


  19. Hi Technophilo,

    Thanks for Wonderfull Pictures and the details given by you. Highly appreciated.

    The best & Economical way to visit Dudhsagar Waterfalls as a 02 days weekend getaway is to Club Dudhsagar & Dandeli. Where you can enjoy Beauty of Dudhsagar & Also adventurous Whitewater Rafting (Only Place in south India where Whitewater Rafting is Available) or Wildlife in Dandeli.

    This Post is fair enough Informative for a first time visitor. But being a Localite I feel there is lot much to do around dudhsagar.

    Have you even planned to climb on top of falls from where the waterfalls start?? Or Tried Whitewater Rafting or Waterfalls Rapelling or Jungle Safari?? No right

    Yes………… I am talking about all these activities that happens around Dudhsagar & Dandeli.

    Dudhsagar is famous for its Railway track trek, but there is otherside to it as well......... I,e Trek to the Top of Waterfalls. From the Tunnel near waterfalls there is a route which will take you on top of Waterfalls. The view on Top is Amazing n Beauteous.


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  20. Hello Sir,

    I am planning to go to Dudhsagar coming monsoon.

    I wanted to know which of the two routes are better - Kulem to Doodhsagar or Castle rock to doodhsagar.
    I am asking in terms of slope gradient. So is CLR to dudhsagar sloping downwards, Kulem to dudhsagar sloping upwards? Then we can plan accordingly


  21. hello,
    finally i found a good article explaining about dudhsagar waterfalls trip. i am leaving to the falls tomorrow and i am a bit curious regarding the duration of time will be spent if i do the trekking from castle rock station. so how long will it be? and 1 more thing, when coming back from dudhsagar station towards castle rock, when will the evening train available? i mean, how frequent it will be?

  22. We are planning to camp near Dudhsagar falls with our camping tents ! We are 15 member group and how safe is to stay there ? is there any good shelter if in case of rain and usually do trekkers camp there ?
    Any suggestion is appreciated


    1. Hi Mrudul,

      thanks for the comment.

      usually on weekends in the monsoon season it is quite difficult even to put tents due to large group of visitors. There are no shelters to stay at Dudh Sagar and not even ticket counters, you have to either go back to Castle Rock or go to Kulem. Regarding safety other similar trekkers will be there along with you and no local people except Railway station staff

  23. While returning to Gastle Rock Station from Dudhsagar Falls station, whether the trains actually STOP at Dudhsagar Station or whether they just slow down ? Is there a possibility of train not picking us up ? Also is it necessary to cross any tunnel if we want to view the falls from Dudhsagar railway station ?