Padmavathi Temple and Jain Basadi - Humcha, Shimoga

Humcha or Hombuja Kshetra is one of the popular pilgrimage centers in Shivamogga district. The temple is built during the period of Jinadatta Raya. Temple is very close to the road and can be reached easily through public transport. Temple is present in the midst of green lustrous surroundings and it is a pleasure to see around from the top of hill having Parshwanatha idol.

Humcha Padmavathi Temple

Parshwanatha idol on top of the hill

There are temples of Devi Padmavathi and Parshwanatha at Humcha and many basadis are around. Festivals are celebrated with great pomp. Devotees all over the country visit this place but more number is from Karnataka, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.

Greenery around Humcha

Surrounding Greenery

Thirthalli and Shivamogga are nearby and one can opt for staying at those places. Even temple provides lodging facility at nominal prices.


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