Two years of Blogging: 227 Posts and 51000 Visits!

As mentioned in earlier posts, I started blogging as a hobby to spend time at home shifting from Goa. But blogging in a way changed myself, making me to describe the things in a more simpler way. Blog posts of mine has all type of content which interests me. Because of that mine is not a niche blog and it is having information shared which I feel in a way useful to others.

Compared to last year, visitors to my blog have increased from 10000 to 50000 making me happy that content I wrote was of use to some visitors. Apart from the increase in number of visitors, Google page rank has also been increased to 2 from 0.

Now a days with the increase in the work pressure and winding up of graduate project work, was not able to update content on a regular basis like earlier. But I have made sure that every month i posted some useful content either of places or of few tips. I feel 50,000 visitors in two years is not a small number as mine is not a niche blog.

Thank you very much for your visit and I look forward for your valuable suggestions.