Amruteshwara and Sharadha Devi Temple, Amruthapura, Tarikere

Amruteshwara Temple and Sharadha Devi Temple are situated at a distance of 8 KMS from Tarikere town of Chikmagalur District. One has to take right turn near the large sign board displaying direction towards Amrutapura if you are coming from Bangalore (via Arasikere, Kadur) side to Shimoga.
Amruteshwara and Sharadha Devi Temple

Inside the temple

Amrutesvara and Sharadha Devi Temple is built during Hoysala period. The temple has large surrounding area maintained by the Department of Archeology. This temple is referred to as Fort in the records of Archeological Survey of India and as per the rules of ASI, the temple will be open from Morning 6:00AM to Evening 6:00PM.

Nanda Deepa at the temple 

As there were not many visitors so I could interact with the priests, there is a lamp present in this temple burning from last two hundred years and it consumes a liter of oil per day. The Saligrama Shivalinga present at this place is brought from Gandaki river of Nepal.

Amruteshwara, Amruthapura 

Sharadha Devi idol is present right side of Shivalinga. Pooja such as Bilva Archane and Kumkuma Archane will be done to Shivalinga and Sharadha Devi respectively. Even Aksharabhyasam will be done at this place. All these Poojas will be stopped if the number of visitors is more and also there is no rule on money to be paid to priests for performing Poojas, it is devotees wish.
Sharadha Devi Idol at Amrutapura

There is only one shop present in front of temple where Pooja ingredients are sold otherwise it is better to carry before visiting this place as there are no alternatives.

Great Picnic spot as one can spend time in the green field in front of temple as this place is free from all kinds of pollution. There are no buses running frequently from Tarikere so better visit by own vehicle or auto-rickshaw.

For any information related to temple or pooja performed at the temple, contact the temple committee chairman on 09482135704

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  1. This is the temple where OM will be written on the tongue