Unexpected Death of Children inside Car

These two incidents happened recently has grabbed attention of many. I am not able to understand whether it was our negligence or over confidence or life style which resulted in tragic end of children. The incidents happened were similar to each other but both needs serious attention.

First incident:
Micro families have either one or two kids and there won’t be anyone to look after kids if both husband and wife want to go out for shopping. Even many times I have seen couples carrying months old babies to shopping malls.

Similar incident happened; the elder kid was of four years old of a couple fell asleep by the time they reached the shopping mall. Couple decided to take the younger one two years old kid with them and let the elder one sleep in the car itself as it will be difficult to carry if it is sleeping. Couple left locking the car taking the second kid with them.

By the time they returned, it was almost two hours and there was no kid sleeping happily instead there was breathing less kid which died of suffocation in the car. Lack of attention of others in parking lot and in crowd, the shouting of kid might have gone unheard.

Second Incident:
Playing in the parked cars is a fun for kids no matter which car. If they were allowed to press horn, they would be the happiest kids. Central locking system in car provides feature of locking the car doors even by standing outside the car and the kids like the beep when they use the remote to lock and unlock as it will be totally new fun to the kids.

There was a function in the nearby house and many kids were gathered playing with each other and fighting.
Two kids somehow got the car keys, unlocked it using the key chain remote and sat inside it playing for a while. After sometime they felt difficulty in breathing in closed and also it was parked in bright sun light as there was no shade. Kids tried to open the door but couldn’t succeed. Even their shout went in vein as everyone at home was busy in chit chatting with relatives. By the time they realized about kids and searched it was already late. Running to nearby hospital also didn’t help.

Whether it was the elder’s negligence or the over confidence that was ended in tragedy.  We can’t do anything once something happens but we can take precaution to prevent such things.

Please share this post with friends and known ones as much as possible. Hope we won’t hear such things in future because prevention is better in these cases as there is no cure.


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